Digital Downloads

August 17, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

As of today, AUGUST 17, 21012, Digital downloads no longer need to be approved before you are able to download them (except for the fine art galleries).  In other words, you can download your pictures immediately after checkout!  I am glad that I can finally offer that immediate fulfillment for you. I hope that some time soon I do the same for 4x6 prints, but this is all dependent on my web hosting company. 


For trhose that are interested, I use as my web site host and print fulfillment team.  THey handle all of the details behind the scenes so that I can keep on shooting and not have to worry about the businesss side.  If you want to use ZENFOLIO for your own photo hosting, feel free to use my referral code for a nice discount on your first year's subscription.  My code is:  Z8X-U4Y-SEZ


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