Help Using This Website




                This site is designed around the photos you want to see, and I hope to make it as easy as possible for you.   You may also view this website on your mobile device (cookies must be enabled for password protected galleries).


First off, you can make the page appear larger or smaller on your browser by using the zoom commands (if your browser supports them) <Ctrl> + to make larger, <Ctrl> - to make smaller.


There are a few simple elements on the home page:

  • Photo Gallery– if you are looking for pictures, simply hover over the words “Photo Gallery,” and a sub-menu will appear.
    • FEATURED  - will take you to a gallery that I am currently featuring; usually it will be one of my Fine Art or Landscape Galleries.  Try this is you want to poke around!
    • RECENTLY ADDED  - is just what it says.  If you are looking for yesterday’s game photos, it is a pretty safe bet you can get there by clicking that link!  The most recently added galleries also are on the bottom of my home page, so you can scroll down and click to enter!
    • CLIENT ACCESS – is used for private galleries.  If I am working on a special project for you, I have probably given you the key to get in to this area.  You can only get in to see if you have a password.  If you need one, please email or call me.
  • GUEST BOOK  – If you want to leave a note, please do so!
  • ABOUT ME  – just what it says!
  • CONTACT ME  – you guessed it!  You do not even need to open your email to send me a message.  Just type it in here, and I’ll get back to you!  If you want to use your mail client, click on the line that says E-Mail, and you can send a message through your default email application.  My mail and phone number are listed here as well. 
  • BLOG -- Yes, I have started a Blog, and subscribing might be the easiest way to know when I have updated a gallery.  You can also see some lessons or comments that I have posted.  If you want, feel free to make suggestions for future articles.



                Getting around a gallery is not very complicated.  Usually, there are multiple methods to move from one photo to the next:

  1. You can look through the thumbnails (HINT:  You can  SHOW ALL  or  SHOW PAGES or
  2. You can see each image as a larger preview.  Once you are in the preview mode, you can either click or use the arrow keys to go forward and back.  If other sizes for the image are available, there will be a series of progressively larger boxes in the upper right corner.  Bigger boxes mean bigger previews.  Smaller boxes mean smaller previews.
  3. You can also play a slideshow using the SLIDESHOW button.
  4. Finally, you can share the picture, the gallery, or the slideshow using the SHARE button!

You are always welcome to view the comments on any photo, and add your own too.



Another cool trick we have built in to this site is the ability to search images based on the keywords I have entered.  If you click on CATEGORIES AND KEYWORDS of a photo you like, you will see the categories and keywords I have entered for that picture.  Clicking on a word in that list will generate a personalized gallery for you with all images that have that keyword.  Please understand that I do not completely keyword every photo, so there may be more pictures that should be included in your search than actually show up.


This could be helpful if you wanted to look for all of the pictures that have been tagged as “tackle” or “35”.  You can use the SEARCH box or click on the KEYWORD tag to automatically search.  Just remember that there are probably other pictures that have not yet been tagged though.


                You can now register on this site.  When you click the “LOGIN” button on the bottom of the page, you have the option to either create an account or log in with the email address and password you specify.   As a registered user, you have access to your Favorite Photos, and ordering history, and you have the ability to store your payment information (not required) for faster checkout in the future.  (PLEASE NOTE:  your information is stored on a secure server, and I do not have personal access to it.  The only information that I can see is your name and email address)


You can click on your name in the upper right corner to go to your personal account information page. 



                That’s right – You asked for it, and now we have it!  You can select your favorites now for viewing and ordering later!  If you want to be able to see them from any computer, all you have to do is register and log in!  You do not have to register to use the favorites, but if you do not register, your favorites will only be valid on the computer you are using right now, and they will be wiped out when your computer does its internal cleaning or on the EXPIRE date listed on the top of the page

Click STORE in the upper right hand corner of your favorites screen to log in to your account


You can also email your favorites to me (the photographer) or to a friend by clicking the SEND button on the upper left cornerIf you do send them to me, be sure to tell me what to do with them!


To get out of your favorites and return to the site menu, click the X or CLOSE button



First of all, be assured that I now have access to almost anything that you want.  I am now able to get prints as small as mini-wallet size all the way up to 24x36 inches, and in a variety of papers.  I can also order gallery wraps, statuettes, wall clings, custom postage stamps, and specialty memorabilia like magazine covers, T-shirts, coffee mugs and sports tickets with your child’s picture on them!   If you have an item in mind and don’t see it listed, please ask, and I will see if I can get it for you.


Frames are also available for some prints.  Mat and Frame options are presented in the CHECKOUT dialogue.


Once you find a photo you want, there are several ways to add it to your shopping cart:

  • Click on the SELECT PRODUCT under the BUY button or click on one of the FEATURED PRODUCTSThis will bring up the SELECT PRODUCT menu.  Not every product is listed for every image.  If you want a print size that is not listed, or desire a specialty item, please let me know, and I can activate that option for you.  The items listed are the most popular for the category you are shopping in. 


  • Notice that there is a complete description of the item and all of the options listed on the right hand side of the page when you click on a specific item to order.  It will tell you about the paper options for printing, what is included, and any special instructions. 


  • Click on the product you want (for example, 8x10 Standard Print).  You can see the options available for that product.  You might want to choose a special paper type, change the quantity, etc.  When you are ready, simply click on thee ADD TO CART button.
    • If you want to add other print sizes or other products using the same photo, click on MORE PRODUCTS WITH THIS PHOTO
    • OR CONTINUE SHOPPINGto add other photos
    • OR CHECKOUT NOWwhen you are finished and ready to checkout.


  • PREVIEW AND CONFIGURE allows you to make specific adjustments to THIS PHOTO ONLY.  The options available depend on what product you have selected, but usually includes things like color correction, cropping, and paper type.  You do not have to do this now, since you will have these same options listed at checkout.
    • Only the options available for this item are shown
    • ? = help available.  Click on the question mark for more information!


  • BATCH OPTIONS FOR PRINTS is an option on the upper right corner.  When you use this button, the decisions you make will apply to every photo on this order.  So, if you change the quantity  using the batch option, you will get the new quantity for EVERY PHOTO in this order.  Same is true of you select Black and White, or Sepia, or a cropping option.  Be careful about using this option! 


  • SHOPPING CART – when you are ready to check out, or if you just want to see what items you have selected, you can click on your SHOPPING CART.  Most of us are already familiar with shopping on the web, and this cart works the same as most web shopping carts.
    • Each item is listed with all of the options you have selected to apply to it.  If anything needs your attention, there will be a note in the box for that item.  Simply click on the line that says your attention is needed, and it will take you to the proper page.  Only the options that apply to your product are shown, and you can change the options you want to apply even if you selected something different earlier in the process.


  • CHECK OUT NOW – Once you are ready to check out, click on CHECK OUT NOW.  Follow the on screen prompts.
    • SELECT SHIPPING METHOD (FedEx or Priority Mail) – click  CONTINUE CHECKOUT
    • ENTER PAYMENT (PayPal or Credit Card) – click  CONTINUE CHECKOUT


  • Your order is now complete and a receipt will be emailed to you! 


MOBILE DEVICES -- This website now supports mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and all of the variations of them.  If you have internet access, you can view the site!  If you are having difficulty logging in to a password protected gallery, turn on cookies.  They must be enabled for your browser to gain access to ANY password protected gallery.