Ordering Secrets

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OK .... so they really are not secrets.  It is more like tips for new users.  I know there is a help button that walks you through the ordering process, and most of you are more fluent in online shopping than I ever will be, but there are a whole bunch of features on this site that many people don't take advantage of.  Here are a couple that I am sure you will like:

  • Many parents and grandparents have asked me about ways to make it easy for collecting a bunch of pictures from different galleries to order at one time.  This website allows you to do just that!  It is as easy as creating your own secure login to this website.  Then when you find a photo that you want, but would rather wait till another day to buy, simply add it to your favorites collection!  No longer do you have to memorize the locations of your children among the thousands of photos that I have posted.  (currently over 16,000, and that is just from this school year!)  You can create these collections without registering, but then you can only access that list from the same computer and only for 30 days.
    • In order to SELECT FAVORITES, simply hover your mouse over the photo when it is in the one photo per page view. 
    • Hover on the word MENU on the upper left corner, and when the menu appears, click on the heart or ADD TO FAVORITES
    • By clicking on the SHARE button, you can send a link by email, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.  Of course, you'll have to have an account with them to use those.
  • Another advantage of REGISTERING is that you can share the lists you create.  Especially, you can share that list with me if I am making a poster or another special project for you.   
  • As I pointed out above, you can FACEBOOK LIKE any photo.  That's a great way to share them with grandparents or friends.

Not all of the features on this site have to do with the pictures though ... Some of you have asked if it is possible to purchase photos without a credit card.  First off, I have to say that I admire you for taking control of your finances and refusing to pay bank fees!  One of the reasons I switched to my current web host is to better serve you.  Once you determine the dollar amount that you are going to spend, just let me know!  I will issue a gift certificate that you redeem only on this website.  It spends just like cash (because you already gave me that!) and allows you the same flexibility and freedom of online ordering that everyone else enjoys.

Of course, gift certificates are always available!

One of the trickier propositions is ordering a CD, poster, book, or any other custom designed product.  Usually, those are done in person rather than through the web.  They are listed here to give you an idea of the cost involved. 

Something that many have asked for is a file to use on Facebook, MySpace, or on your iPhone.  Those can now be ordered online and downloaded almost immediately rather than having to wait for a CD.  Unfortunately, there will be a short wait period since I approve all orders before they are shipped.  In most cases, you will be able to download the file within an hour or two. 


If yoyu are having trouble logging in to any of the password protected galleries, make sure that you have cookies turned on.  I went round and round with Customer Service for several days before discovering this simple trick!




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