Cardinal Battle

April 12, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Today, someone told me how lucky I was that the birds were all over my house.  My friend had spotted a dove, some sparrows, and cardinals darting about the yard.  What he didn't see was this little encounter I had spotted an hour earlier.

When I looked out the door to my carport, behold!  I was treated to a Cardinal.  This one had found the mirror on my car door, and fortunately, I had my camera handy! 

I know that the shots are not of magazine quality, but I did manage to capture a cardinal looking at himself in my car's mirror.  (shot through the glass of my door plus two car windows!  I wqas a little llimited as to the angle I could shoot from).  These are all un-cropped:

I wonder if birds have the same kind of "self" awareness that humans do? 

Judging by this bird's combativeness with his image in the mirror, I doubt it!  He is definitely not trying to make friends with his reflection!


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